Installation and repair of all commercial EPDM rubber roofing membrane.

Please have a look at our website and Facebook page showing all our projects, We install rubber roofing on types of commercial and reidential roofs. Rubberbond EPDM fleece back rubber ,this is an advanced  high quality product, which offers a long lasting solution.Installed on new roof or an existing flat roof replacement or refurbishment.Rubber roofing was orginally made for commercial roofs.We do repair poorly installed roofs. Possibly from wind uplift.Rubber EPDM should almost be maintenance free of installed correctly.

It is clean and safe to install with no heat needed.Does not split or crack with age.Fast efficient  installation time and very minimal noise or upheaval.Large or small roofs installed or repaired, and can and can be installed almost all the year round, weather permittting,and is installed around the world in all extreme weather conditions.From Sudan to Alaska.

Flex – R rubber membrane in our opinion is the very best on the market.We do repair all brands from Prelasti , Carlisle ,Hertalan and Classic Bond.Safe to install as there is no heat used.

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