Commercial roof repair.

Boots Hearing Care – Llandudno.

We specialise in commercial roof repairs.

The rubber had been blown away from sides of parapet walls. Causing the drain outlets to lift from decking, and rain water to get  beneath the rubber ,and causing rain water to penetrate into rooms below.

Mr David Peryer from Boots hearing care , contacted ourselves , he said the roof had been leaking excessively into the offices below for some time.

Causing lights to trip ,and water damage to walls and paint in the offices below.

We located the problem, which had been caused by poor installation of both the drain outlets and the rubber which had been not installed correctly.

The company who had installed the roof previously, had cut corners which always causes problems.

You must install the entire roof perfectly, and use all the correct materials .

We inspected the entire roof, making sure all parts where satisfactory.

After repair.


Boots Llandudno - roof repair

Befor roof repair leaking into offices.


Before roof repaired and leaking

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